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Village Sign Mystery


Frequent flyers on this site will recall a recent article about our missing village sign from along Scorcher Hills Lane. Like the best Sherlock Holmes tale it is surrounded in mystery.

Firstly some unknown clown whacked it in their car and then drove off leaving our sign dangling. Rough justice would hope the name Burghwallis  was imprinted in reverse into the their paint work. The damaged sign was subsequently sent away for repair. Whilst the sign was with our suppliers for renovation, the company managed to go into liquidation, and we thought the sign was lost forever. Enquiries to the administrators resulted in a resounding silence.

And now the second mystery; the sign has now miraculously reappeared, though not in its rightful place – yet. Last Saturday morning, one of our councillors, who just happened to be in the church yard, spotted the repaired sign, or at least the front (face) and a new backboard. We can only presume someone involved with the administrators realised the sign had little resale value and should be in Burghwallis, but then did not know where exactly. Perhaps a little divine intervention had influenced the use of the church yard as a poste restante. It looks a little like a tablet of stone and Lent has only just finished. Maybe they hoped  someone would find it and return it to its rightful owners.

Unfortunately whoever had deposited it there forgot to leave us the fixing bolts and screws and black screw caps but apart from that we are massively ahead. The sign is now in safe storage pending the acquisition of some black paint and fixings and restoration to its rightful place.

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