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Beware Of Badlads In Burghwallis

Neighbourhood Watch

Over the past week there have been two break-ins in the village with thieves stealing valuable items from garages on Grange Lane and Abbe’s Walk. Both incidents have been reported to the police and occurred whilst the residents were away on holiday.

One of the positive ways we can help defeat these criminals is through the support of our local Neighbourhood Watch. The more residents in the village who participate in the scheme the more effective it becomes. You can get to understand the principles of the neighbourhood scheme through a number of local sessions. Please see the dates below for the drop in sessions taking place at Asda Carcroft.

You may be able to gain some brownie points and a reduction in your house insurance premium if you are active in a local neighborhood watch scheme.

These are a relaxed drop in information sessions within the cafe at Asda where local residents can speak with representatives of South Yorkshire Police, the DMBC and St Leger Homes  regarding any issues of crime. The following dates have been supplied:-

Dates – 2015/2016      Sessions are between 10am and 11am.

September – 10th
October – 8th
November – has no confirmed date due to potential bonfire commitments
December – 3rd
January – 28th
February – 25th
March – 24th






One comment on “Beware Of Badlads In Burghwallis

  • Can I just ask residents to be extra vigilant as there has been a number of burglaries from both sheds and homes in the area including surrounding villages during the last 4 weeks. Please lock your doors and ensure that your out buildings are secure.
    If you see anything suspicious then phone the police on 101 unless it is an emergency and then phone on 999.

    Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Burghwallis and Parish Councilor

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