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Come Fly With Me

Now here’s a thing. Most of assume our nearest airport is the catchy named; Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood International Airport nee RAF Finingley Aerodrome. Better know on your luggage tag as DSA. (Otherwise we would need 2 metres long tags) But did you know a while ago there was the chance to fly much nearer to home.

Those of us with a long memory will recall there was an airstrip in the middle of Burghwallis Park to the south of the village. The details are a little sketchy so if you have any further information please contact us via the link below.

Whether its origins had anything to do with the army who were stationed in Burghwallis Hall during the war is not known. The forces also built a polo pitch in the field opposite the north entrance to the Hall along Grange Lane so you could imagine top brass flying in for a chukka or two. The last current entry to the memory bank indicated the airstrip was used up until the 1970’s when the local farmer used it for light aircraft, whether for crop dusting or recreation use is a little hazy. May also account for the number of aerial photos that exist showing the locations of Anglo Saxon Monuments and field marks in the parish. You can relax, apparently the plane didn’t have Ryanair painted on the wings, or maybe it did.

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