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Cutbacks Leads To Parish Council Cutback

One of the results of our current economic times are the cuts in council spending. We have all seen it at the top level but perhaps not quite as aware of the effect of the “small print.” As the DMBC ( now City of Doncaster Council)  have trimmed costs they have unfortunately not been able to trim grass and hedgerows at the same frequency as in the past.

A consequence of this is the maintenance programme for the playing field. You may have noticed that the grass has only just had a haircut, normally by this time of the year it will have been shorn three times. Similarly the overhanging hedgerow surrounding the playing field needed a trim.


The Parish Council,  responsible for the maintenance of the field  grabbed volunteers with shears, saws, secateurs and strimmers ( we’ll wait whilst you wipe your screen ) and completed the essential trim, leaving the bulk until the autumn when the leaves are down. The rubbish collected will be chopped up and spread around the field to aid wildlife.

IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0449 IMG_0445

The other area of maintenance is the rubber safety matting surrounding the swings. The National Playing Fields who own the field and Veolia who donated the equipment are both short of cash, but have offered a paper cup, blanket and the use of a dog to see if Burghwallis can raise the £2,000 needed to replace the rubber mats. The total stipend the parish council receives kicks in around £5,000 so this would blow a substantial hole in the funds. It would seem from a quick look that the mats could be repaired using a sealant or industrial adhesive,  a sort of “No Nails” for swing parks. If you have any experience re-sticking rubber mats in parks, no questions asked why, could you tell the council through the comments section below.

IMG_0451 IMG_0450 IMG_0453

Finally, the wild flower bed planted earlier this year is nudging closer to sprouting forth. It lies to the right as you enter the park through the main gate and promises – it said on the tin – to be a fantastic sight within the next month.


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