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Defibrillator Training

Training Date in the Burghwallis Pub

5th June at 5:00 pm


The new defibrillator has been installed outside the Burghwallis Pub. If you would like to know how to use this life saving device there is a training session with an instructor from the NHS to be held at the Burghwallis Pub.

 Although this modern device is designed to help you through the process – even for the novice – should there be an emergency it is ideal that you have some prior knowledge of what to do. This training session will equip you with the process of CPR and the use of the defibrillator. Although there are a number of different designs of defibrillators stationed around the UK  they all follow the same procedure. This training session, which will take about an hour, will therefore equip you with the practical knowledge to use any of these defibrillators to be found in towns and villages around the country.

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