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Litter-picking Festival Mk 29

One of the banes of life is the constant need to clear up after other people. Be they family, the errant teenager, the sloppy partner or just the ever growing tribe of bogans that inhabit the earth and pass through Burghwallis chucking their rubbish as they go.

Thus the ever faithful team of of litter pickers were once again mustered by group commander Grimes to clear The Abbe’s Walk.

Burghwallis volunteers

As ever this presents a splendid opportunity to remove the dross of humanity whilst catching up on all the gossip. Trained eyes can spot a Heineken tin from 50 paces, empty the bags of spent cannabis plants where they can provide compost. And, no in case you ask, the plants do not regrow, but normal weeds, if you get the drift do thrive in the compost.

During each excursion the team come across the weird and wonderful ‘highlight of the day.’ normally they find the odd car tyre or two, maybe 12 on one occasion but todays cup goes to the truck tyre pulled from the hedgerow…….eventually. The DMBC team that follow to collect the spoils were warned, a truck tyre is not something you can chuck about with ease, unless you are some keep fit weightlifting body, in which case we have stolen your equipment!

You should see the size of the ‘Jack’

Thanks also to the many people who slowed down and thanked the team, less so the cyclists who need a bell for Christmas and currently weave in and out around the team at pace from behind with no warning.

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