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Sonic Booms Wakes Burghwallis

For those who cannot recall the last time something went bump in the night, Monday 2nd May deserves a mention. Air France has joined the Russians in trying out our defence readiness by switching off the communications link to air traffic control and have a little fly-by over Leeds and Doncaster looking  to follow the A1 to Newcastle.

Long after the Archers, and with the last of the Horlicks  downed the RAF ripped across the night sky with their feet hard down on the go very fast pedal. Having been given permission by some quick witted chap in the MOD to go have a looksee ASAP the two Typoons fast jets ripped across Burghwallis at full tilt and not many metres up. The sonic booms created stirred many residents to marvel at modern technology and salute the RAF, the rest of us stood looking bewildered wondering what the be-jabbers had happened. A few dozing in front of the telly awoke thinking something had reached a nasty conclusion in the Master Chef programme.

It’s full marks to the RAF who proved they can sort intruders, guide lost airliners to safety and legally go ballistic whilst shaking a few windows and be back in time for a full English brekky to celebrate.

Image courtesy of Bernie Condon at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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