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The Christmas Tree Points Skywards

The Burghwallis Christmas tree has arrived and is duly placed in the direction of up at the war memorial.

A real tree is selected as it presents the opportunity to shred and recycle the remains once the festive season if over. It also avoids the logistics of storing an imitation tree for 11 months of the year.

The process of erecting the tree is truly a team effort involving the parish council and Willy Seels and Ben who operated the Manitou fork lift truck. This is a vital piece of the jigsaw without which the mission would get a tad complicated and involve string, ropes, the odd sky hook, a platoon of sappers and maybe a helicopter, budget permitting.

The tree is ready now for the decorations which this year involves solar lighting, oh yay. And most importantly the show will commence with the carol service around the tree ( war memorial ) at 6:30pm on 10th December.

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