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Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

A year ago this village tradition was cancelled due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Undaunted this year the team from the Burghwallis Parish council wanted to rekindle the event. The 2021 tree, which is a tad larger than normal was therefore duly positioned in the war memorial and ‘fastened down’ to avoid it taking off in a storm like a scene from the Wizard of Oz.

The mounting of the tree, which incidentally many have said puts the Trafalgar Square version to shame required a bit of civil engineering. Luckily, farmer Willie Seels appeared with his Manitou forklift truck and popped the tree in place in a busy quick time! An executive decision to avoid tree decorations disappearing as airmail in the forecast windy weather restricted the tree to lighting only, but it still looked like the bee’s knees – positively oozing Christmas cheer when lit.

Unfortunately, the prevailing omicron strain of the virus now hanging in the atmosphere reduced the number attending the carol service to 15 brave souls. But they were duly rewarded with what is best described as an abundance of mince pies and mulled wine. Some you win!

The switch-on of the tree lights (electricity supply courtesy of Carol Spiller) was conducted by Father Chris Herbert and now adds a little Christmas cheer to Burghwallis each evening in these troubled times.

Burghwallis Christmas tree

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