Defibrillator Update

We are pleased to announce that our application for support funding for a community defibrillator has been approved. Yorkshire Ambulance Service have granted the parish council funding towards the cost of purchasing and installing a

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Defibrillator Proposal

The parish council have applied for support funding to acquire and install a community defibrillator at The Burghwallis pub. The parish council have been considering the acquisition of a defibrillator for some time, but recent events,

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Merchant Navy day

Red Ensign

The Red Ensign is flying at the village flag pole to recognise Merchant Navy Day. You can find out the full story here…. On this merchant Navy Day, I very much hope you will support

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war memorial flag at half mast

Village Flag

The village flag is lowered on occasions as a mark of respect when a village resident has passed away.   The village flag is currently being flown at half mast to reflect the terrorist attack

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All Pumped Up

We can feel proud of our engineering achievements, everything from the gadget for getting things out of horses hooves to cast iron village pumps. But there is always some smart-reared country that feels it has

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Men In Sheds

The North Doncaster Development Trust along with the Carcroft Doctors Group Old Boys Club have spotted men wandering about the neighborhood looking as if they are in need of  a good fettle. If you feel

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