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Litter Collection 10th June

On June 10th at 10 am there will be a gathering of noble volunteers anxious  to help clear litter from the five roads that serve Burghwallis.

Singing that well known anthem of the bogans “We plough our junk in fields and scatter rubbish on the ground” the team of volunteers will be equipped with a litter picker and plastic bin bags to collect the mass of junk that lie in our hedgerows and lanes.

It is planned to have around 6-8 volunteers on each road with the aim to complete the task in about 2 hours. 

If you can spare the time to help you will be very welcome – there can never be too many helping on this exercise. You don’t have to stay for the duration, your valuable time however short or long will welcome.

Please come along to the Burghwallis pub car park at 10:00 am on Saturday 10th June 2017.

It is best wear to gardening gloves and stout shoes. The hogans have a habit of dumping stuff at speed whilst driving along. You may need to reach into the undergrowth to recover their donations.

There is no truth in the rumours that our lanes will be awash with party political bumpf from failed candidates, but you never know. Certainly any legislation to deter litter louts would not go amiss.

The picture shows the volunteers who supported the last village clear up in June 2016

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