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Litter In Short Supply

This summer has seen  range of interesting phenomena. The World Cup being staged in Russia, Brexit coughing and spluttering, Northern Rail showing us how not to organise a railway, Virgin Rail disappearing completely and Wimbledon being criticised about the height of the grass. Oh and let’s not forget the scarcity of rain and carbon dioxide.

Maybe all of these events  have somehow had a positive effect on the delightful morons who chuck litter about the place. The recent village cleanup saw a surprisingly low amount of litter in Burghwallis. Some 20 bin bags were filled in place of the normal 50 odds bags filled in the past. Has the focus on plastics waste and recycling in general had an effect? Has the absence of CO2 curbed the consumption of beer, cider and fizzy drinks so the number of empties available to throw on our verges has reduced?

 A valiant  team drawn from Burghwallis – joined by some from Campsall and Norton patrolled all the lanes leading into and through Burghwallis. Their commitment meant we have an uncluttered view of the verges for as long as it lasts! Interestingly the volunteers helping from Campsall and Norton remarked on the need to establish a similar clean up exercise in their villages. They had volunteered to help clean Burghwallis as they drive through regularly and appreciate the efforts to keep the countryside clean of litter. Maybe when a similar exercise is organised in Campsall and Norton all of us who drive through will lend a hand – especially along the road to Barnsdale Bar which is a regular disaster zone.


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